Hydraulic electromagnets are suitable for handling ferrous material, especially scraps destined to recyclingDesigned as accessories, they are usually installed on excavators, industrial loaders and wherever ferrous material has to be quickly removed during industrial demolition. The hydraulic lifting electromagnet does not have its own controls, but it is activated through the hydraulic flow in the circuit it is connected to: for example, it can be connected to polyp grab rotation circuit or to a hydraulic breaker line. Its versatility makes it compatible with most machineries, therefore it can be used on any excavator or loader on the building site, without the need to use a specific machine equipped with a magnetic system.

Pulsante ESA Ing



“ESA HEH” Series: this model of hydraulic electromagnet has been designed and built as a reinforced version of hydraulic electromagnets and it is able to bear heavy mechanical stress. The cover of the magnetic plate consists of a drilled plate suitable for anchoring the various supports for a quick fixing through coupling. The plate is drilled according to customer's requirements, ensuring a great versatility for all the different models of machineries. 

“ESA TH" Series: this model of hydraulic electromagnet is a complete machinery equipped with crushing claws. These claws enable demolition, extraction, tipping over, selecting, positioning and clearing the areas. This electromagnet is used for demolition, selection, disposing and loading, for slabs, supports, pipes, reinforcing beams, steel, iron and waste or tin cans or old materials which can be magnetically conducted, a 360° MULTI-PURPOSE TOOL, compact and indispensable. The assembly is fast and simple, the magnetization and demagnetization occurs by activating and interrupting the oil flow just like all the other hydraulic electromagnets. This particular model can be installed on any kind of digger, easily with adapting plates and/or quick coupling plates. The CLAWS enable the selection or the discharge of the material, the detection and targeted disposal of non-metallic parts resulting in less damage to tires on work sites or loading points, less damage to our conveyor belts, they also reduce the risk of accidents during manual selection and better organization on the work site.


ESA 80 HY.pngESA 90 L.pngESA 90 L_1.pngESA 92 S.pngESA 110 L.pngESA 110 L_1.pngESA 125 HE_2.pngESA 125 HE_3.pngESA 125 HE_4.pngESA 125 H_1.pngESA 125 TH.pngESA 125 TH_1.png



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