The electromagnets of “ESB” series powered at low voltage (12/24V) are particularly recommended for the installation on small self-propelled vehicles without requiring expensive modifications for the installation of electrical generators. Regardless of the fact they run at low voltage, they feature optimal performances especially on materials like shavings or metal sheets. This kind of electromagnets is usually powered at 12/24V and needs a specific electrical generator to be installed on the main machinery that will meet the electromagnet for the magnetization and demagnetization of the ferrous material. In spite of the low voltage, they can still be powered at higher voltages different from the ones hereby indicated, as long as kept low (i.e. 36/48V).

Pulsante ESB Ing

ESB-92-12V.pngESB 65.pngesb 80 .pngESB 80 24 V_2.pngESB 80 24V.pngESB 80 24V al lavoro.pngESB 92 24V.jpgESB 92 24V Magifer.pngESB 92 24V_1.pngESB 92 24V_3.pngESB 103 24V.png

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