Our production includes a wide range of equipments used in the demolition field or in the recycling of ferrous materials. They are divided in two big families:

  1. Electromagnets for the retrieval of ferrous material: hydraulic lifting electromagnets, low voltage lifting electromagnets, 110/220V powered electromagnets, magnets able to lift billets, rectangular electromagnets and electromagnets to be installed on hydraulic polip grabs. Besides, upon request, we can plan specific solution for every kind of electromagnet
  2. Equipment suitable for demolition such as iron cutting shears, metal sheet shears, pulverizers, primary crushers, rail breakers
  3. Electrohydraulic generators and electrical panels for the power supply of every type of electromagnet

THE HYDRAULIC LIFTING ELECTROMAGNET (our ESA model) is an element of great value for “Zanetti Magneti srl” that can boast hundreds of samples working all over the world. The excellent response from all of our clients proves our good outcome. Designed as an attachment, it is normally installed on excavators or industrial loaders. The hydraulic lifting electromagnet does not have its own controls but it is activated through the hydraulic flow in the circuit it is connected to (for example it can be attached to a polyp grab rotation circuit or a hydraulic breaker line). Its versatility makes it compatible with most machineries, therefore it can be placed on every loader or excavator on the building site according to the oil payload parameters of every different electromagnet. This type of electromagnet is then divided into three groups:

  • Hydraulic electromagnets of our model “ESA L” and “ESA HE” with a three-armed chain hooking
  • Hydraulic electromagnets “HEH” model, prepared with a drilled plate for the hooking through support or quick coupler. This model features a strong structure and it is suitable for any mechanical stress when working. For this electromagnet we can even realize hooking supports according to the machinery it is attached to. The design of the support, in addition to the electromagnet, can be realized by the client or directly by us.
  • The third special version of hydraulic electromagnet, our “ESA TH”, features a punctured seat for a fixed hooking just like the model “TH”, but has the additional feature of lateral teeth for a better sorting of the material on the ground, making it easier to evacuate the ferrous material

The entire range of equipments used in demolition is entirely designed by us and realized by our highly professional staff, who has been operating in this sector for over 35 years. Many of our machineries, exploited all over the world, ensure safety and reliability at every stage of work and can be considered a strength of our company.

The whole after-sale care is managed by Zanetti Magneti Srl, which carefully follows the client both during and after the purchase. The company offers the constant presence of a workshop for any type of assistance.

We invite all of our new clients to visit our product area in order to know in detail all of our solutions.

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